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Homes and business are big investments and when it comes to your property, only the best will do. Canadian weather is a melding pot of various extremes and in the spring especially, torrential rains are all too common. So what can be done to help give your home a modern look while still offering protection from the harsh elements? If you are looking to transform your home into a stylish, well-protected structure then read more about true dry joint panels and how they may be the solution you’ve been looking for. 


True Dry Joint Panels


True dry joint panels are a multi-faceted system designed to beautify the exterior of a building while providing protection from damaging weather. In order to understand how true dry joint panels can benefit you, let’s examine the parts and materials which are used.


Vapour Barrier – A vapour barrier, also known as a weather barrier, is a special covering which is placed on the existing exterior wall before the support railings are attached. While true dry joint panels will keep most of the weather out, this barrier acts as additional protection in case a few wayward drops of rain make their way under the paneling in extreme weather. 


Support Railings & Trims – The next step is to attach the aluminum railing to the wall in preparation for the panel installation. These railings can run vertical or horizontal depending on preference and are what holds the panels in place after they’ve been installed. Trimming is also customized for windows, doors, and any other open spaces in the wall before paneling to ensure a smooth, sleek, seamless fit. 

Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) PanelsACM panels are the actual covering which will go over the existing exterior wall once the supports are in place. These panels are created using high pressure to compress aluminum with other metal materials and then forming them into a panel shape. Aluminum takes colouring very well, and once you’ve chosen a customized pigment, it is baked at very high temperatures to ensure this 100% recyclable material never loses its shine or finds its colour faded.



What’s The Difference?

You may not have heard the terms "dry joint panels” or "wet joint panels”, since they are mostly industry jargon, however there is an easy to understand difference. Wet joint panels utilize a silicone caulking inside the joints to ensure water protection. Dry joint panels use a series of caulking, gaskets, and painted metal strips to keep the elements out, however this system is generally used when a reveal in the wall is desired and usually work in conjunction with a water drainage system.

True dry joint panels, or metal cladding as its more commonly known is a safe, quick, and effective way to give a modern look to an aging structure while providing protection and peace of mind. The best Toronto true joint panel fabricators offer warranties of us to 40 years for their products, ensuring they will never fade, lose their shine, or rust.

Contact a local supplier today and discover a solution that is becoming a game changer in home renovation!

Nortem offers the most green and efficient cladding system. Our choice of fully recyclable material for our metal panelling products is based on research and innovation.

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